Oct 10

Win 8 “Modern Apps” block Apache

So Apache won’t start due to something blocking Port 443! Change port to something else and it still doesn’t work! Grrrr!

But googling gives possible answer – Skype! Upon investigation it seems I have 2 Skypes installed – the ordinary Desktop version and the so-called Modern App version. This horrendous piece of shit can’t be removed in the ordinary way so this is what you do…

Start PowerShell. You might not even know you’ve got it. I didn’t and tried to download it. Fortunately the install didn’t work. I discovered it’s already installed on Win 8 so start it by typing PowerShell at the Start button – you get a nice blue console window.

See what apps you’ve got on your system:


Yeah, I know, there’s tons of crap you never knew about and never wanted! Bing Maps and Media Player stuff – you can delete most of it. (though some of it refuses to go, such as the Windows Store – maybe next time…)

Type in this command:


You get a prompt to enter the package name.

Find the App you want to remove and copy the PackageFullName

(In PowerShell, select the text and right click, to paste right click at the prompt)

Paste in the name and press Enter and it’s gone…hopefully.

You may have to restart.

When I tried XAMPP again it worked lovely, with Apache operating on ports 80 and 443.


Thanks go to this page.