Nov 06

Preparing for Maven 1 – Configuring Ubuntu VirtualBox



The VM I used is this one – the latest 14.10 desktop version, actually released today! It’s a vdi image so you need to follow these instructions. It seems to be a complete and stable version, even including Guest Additions.

Normally you would do a software update in Ubuntu but this VM is so fresh it does not need it!

The passwords are given as adminuser/adminuser

and root/adminuser

However, you may need to activate root at the start.

Do this:

sudo passwd root

then enter your password. Hey, you can be root, too, rooty, tooty, toot, toot!

Close the VM if it’s open to change some settings.

Make sure the memory is set to a high-enough number – I use 2048 MB. Set video memory too, 128 MB.

Next, enable bi-directional clipboard – > click Settings> General> Advanced> Shared Clipboard = Bidirectional