Jan 17

Alfresco – Install Community Edition 5.0.b/GoDaddy/Ubuntu 14.04

How to install Alfresco on GoDaddy server.

Having struggled with installation using extended step-by-step instructions I was pleased to find I could use this Alfresco installer. It  will install everything you need to run Alfresco, eg Java, Solr, etc.

I have added extra explanation for the steps where I, as a beginner, found difficulties.

After the GoDaddy bit it should apply to most Ubuntu servers

Set up these connections:

  • GoDaddy (your server management)
  • Putty – SSH into your server
  • Browser – to view the results
  • FileZilla – using SFTP

re/build GoDaddy server:

  • domain = www.example.com (a FQDN)
  • set servername = xxxxxxxxx
  • Ubuntu 14.04/no control panel

Wait for reprovision and then check:

go to your URL – “Apache2 – It works!”

change access passwd for root/user

this changes passwd for both root and your other GoDaddy user – you should change passwd for users-not-root later

SSH into server – using PuTTY or Filezilla – commands are given for PuTTY

make directories:

mkdir /opt/alfsource

mkdir /opt/alfresco

you may need to change permissions to upload/execute files, also so it can be accessed by FileZilla:

sudo chmod 777 /opt/alfsource

sudo chmod 777 /opt/alfresco

upload the installer file to /opt/alfsource

again, change permissions to make it executable;

chmod 777 alfresco-community-5.0.b-installer-linux-x64.bin

If you run the Alfresco installer right away you will get this warning about uninstalled libraries:

Some or all of the libraries necessary to support LibreOffice were not found on your system: fontconfig libSM libICE libXrender libXext
You are strongly advised to abort this installation and install them first using your package manager.
For more information, please refer to http://docs.alfresco.com/4.2/topic/com.alfresco.enterprise.doc/concepts/install-lolibfiles.html

So, on fresh Ubuntu install run:

apt-get update

apt-get install libice6 libsm6 libxt6 libxrender1 libfontconfig1 libcups2

The URL in the message points to the Alfresco documentation with further information.

Afterwards you may still get a warning – I did, I ignored it! You can do that sometimes, the trick is knowing when.

Navigate to alfsource directory and run alfresco installer


you could try this without being in the directory


see this page

The installer will install Java for you if you want. You can install it yourself, ensuring you get the latest version. See this post.

You can install in 2 ways –

[1] Easy – everything done on defaults

[2] Advanced- make your own choices on which options you want

Using [2], these are the installation options and my choices:

  • Language
  • Installation type – Easy or Advanced (I chose Advanced)
  • Java – already got it
  • PostgreSQL – yes
  • Solr1 – NO
  • Solr4 -yes
  • SharePoint – yes
  • Web Quick Start – yes
  • Google Docs Integration – yes
  • LibreOffice – yes
  • Installation Folder – /opt/alfresco
  • Database Server Parameters – port 5432
  • Tomcat Port Configuration – Web Server domain = www.example.com (your server FQDN) – Tomcat Server Port = 8080; Tomcat Shutdown Port = 8005;Tomcat SSL Port = 8443;Tomcat AJP Port = 8009;
  • Alfresco FTP Port = 21
  • Alfresco RMI Port = 50500
  • Alfresco SharePoint Port = 7070
  • Install as a service – yes
  • LibreOffice Server Port = 8100

You may get a warning at this point:

SMTP TCP port in use: 25

see here for more info


The installer should now complete.

Go to your domain to see.







pu commands to control services;Manually start the Alfresco server:
service alfresco startTo start only the tomcat service:
service alfresco start tomcatTo fully stop Alfresco, you must stop all the services:
service alfresco stop
start/stop/restart Alfresco and TomcatIt does not seem to work if you use service tomcat start
br On installation Alfresco will start up – go to your site to check  The Alfresco Share URL = www.example.com:8080/share
 fz It probably won’t work, so change some settings:go to /opt/alfresco/tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco-global. properties(always restart after changes)
 fz check these lines – put in your own server/domain settings if not there already alfresco.context=alfresco
 fz  email settings;add these lines for gmail server use: ### IMAP server setting ###
imap.server.host=www.example.com### E-mail site invitation setting ###
notification.email.siteinvite=true# Sample Gmail settings
mail.smtps.auth=true### E-mail test message setting ###
mail.testmessage.subject=Outbound SMTP
mail.testmessage.text=The DB-Alfresco Outbound SMTP email subsystem is working.
At some point I got a message from gmail saying they had detected a suspicious login attempt to my email. This appears to be because my server is somewhere in the US while I’m in the UK. You may need to sort this out.