Jan 20

Connecting Alfresco with WebDAV

You can connect with Alfresco using FTP, CMIS and WebDAV as well as SharePoint.

What functionality can you get from each of these methods?

See here for more info.



You can link directly into the repository tree via a linkĀ on your computer.


BUT, before you try it do this.

Start regedit and go to:


Modify BasicAuthLevel – set it to 2.

Now, restart your computer, or it won’t work.



Enter the address of your web host:


Like this:


Click through, typing in a name for your link on the way and you should connect to the server – enter your credentials and Hey, Presto! the repository will open.

Looking at the link properties the address seems to be resolved internally somehow and looks like this:


However, typing it this way doesn’t seem to work.