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Nov 16

Using Drush on Pantheon sites

Problem: How to use Drush on Pantheon I am currently working on a couple of test sites on Pantheon with installations of Open Atrium. To develop my site I will need to create a sub-theme of the OA default theme. See here and here. The best way to do this would be with Drush but …

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Dec 09

Open Atrium – installing on GoDaddy server

How to install Open AtriumĀ on GoDaddy server. where to do what… gd = GoDaddy (your server management) pu = Putty – SSH into your server br = browser fz = FileZilla – using SFTP gd re/build GoDaddy server domainĀ = (a FQDN) set servername = xxxxxxxxx Ubuntu 14.04/no control panel Wait for reprovision and then …

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Nov 11

Spaces, Subspaces, Groups and Inheritance

I’m having great difficulty understanding how OA (and its implementation of OG) creates a structure. There seems to be a number of anomalies which I cannot resolve. Here is what I am trying to achieve: The site’s users will be students from a number of schools, so the first requirement is a top-level division into …

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