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  1. Using Drush on Pantheon sites — November 16, 2015
  2. Win 8 “Modern Apps” block Apache — October 10, 2015
  3. Mylyn — January 26, 2015
  4. Drupal Sub-Themimg — January 26, 2015
  5. Connecting Alfresco with WebDAV — January 20, 2015

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Nov 16

Using Drush on Pantheon sites

Problem: How to use Drush on Pantheon I am currently working on a couple of test sites on Pantheon with installations of Open Atrium. To develop my site I will need to create a sub-theme of the OA default theme. See here and here. The best way to do this would be with Drush but …

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Oct 10

Win 8 “Modern Apps” block Apache

So Apache won’t start due to something blocking Port 443! Change port to something else and it still doesn’t work! Grrrr! But googling gives possible answer – Skype! Upon investigation it seems I have 2 Skypes installed – the ordinary Desktop version and the so-called Modern App version. This horrendous piece of shit can’t be …

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Jan 26


What is Mylyn?

Jan 26

Drupal Sub-Themimg

How do Drupal sub-themes operate? What do they inherit from the base theme? Where do all the new files go? What gets changed in the base theme?  

Jan 20

Connecting Alfresco with WebDAV


You can connect with Alfresco using FTP, CMIS and WebDAV as well as SharePoint. What functionality can you get from each of these methods? See here for more info. First… WebDAV You can link directly into the repository tree via a link on your computer.   BUT, before you try it do this. Start regedit and …

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Jan 18

Alfresco – email configuration

To connect using Gmail Open: /opt/alfresco/tomcat/shared/classes/ add/modify this: ### E-mail site invitation setting ### #### Email settings ### mail.port=465 mail.password=yyyyyyyyyyy mail.protocol=smtps mail.smtps.starttls.enable=true mail.smtps.auth=true # mail.testmessage.send=true mail.testmessage.subject=Outbound SMTP mail.testmessage.text=The Alfresco Outbound SMTP email subsystem is working.

Jan 17

Alfresco – Install Community Edition 5.0.b/GoDaddy/Ubuntu 14.04

How to install Alfresco on GoDaddy server. Having struggled with installation using extended step-by-step instructions I was pleased to find I could use this Alfresco installer. It  will install everything you need to run Alfresco, eg Java, Solr, etc. I have added extra explanation for the steps where I, as a beginner, found difficulties. After …

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Jan 17

Installing JAVA on Ubuntu 14.04

To run Alfresco on your Ubuntu server you will need Java. The installer will add this for you but you can install it yourself. This ensures you have the latest version.   based on this web page I use a combination of FileZilla and PuTTY Get the latest JDK from the Oracle website here Upload it to a …

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Dec 11

Customising Open Atrium

How to change that Home page image, the colours, the slogan, and all without compromising updates! path to image folder sites/all/imagefolder/image.png  Change OpenAtrium branding through UI  

Dec 09

Open Atrium – installing on GoDaddy server

How to install Open Atrium on GoDaddy server. where to do what… gd = GoDaddy (your server management) pu = Putty – SSH into your server br = browser fz = FileZilla – using SFTP gd re/build GoDaddy server domain = (a FQDN) set servername = xxxxxxxxx Ubuntu 14.04/no control panel Wait for reprovision and then …

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